I was born and raised in Zürich, Switzerland.

As a teenager, traveling with my parents to Paris, London, Florence and New York, I got interested in modern art. Despite this fascination for art and culture I decided to go to medical school at the University of Zürich from which I graduated in 1990.

During my formation in Anaesthesiology I started working on first sculptures and collage pictures.

The liaison between medicine and art is still part of my life; it gives me deep satisfaction and informs my art. For my sculptures I use various materials like water polished wood, stone and glass or industrial waste which I find on riverbanks. I place them into a new context, often into kinetic or sonorous sculptures and I am happy when they are touched.

During the last years photography started to play an increasingly important role in my artwork. I often find inspiration in spaces that are normally passed by unnoticeable. Characteristic in all my work is scrap materials, or, what at first sight appears as not ostensible or interesting. The digital photographs are printed in different dimensions on canvas or paper but in very limited editions.